The services we offer include:

Dog walking:

  • We will walk your dog for 30-45 minutes, either solo or with other members of the same household.
  • Whilst at your house, we will dry your dogs if they get muddy or wet, dry up any accidents and give¬†your dogs a treat.

Pet visits:

  • We are able to cater for any length of time that you will be on holiday, or one off visits if you are out for the day or evening.
  • Whilst we are visiting your pets, we will feed them and stay with them giving them some well deserved care and attention.
  • We will clean any bowls, cages, hutches and litter trays as necessary.
  • With cats, we will use their favourite toy and with small animals we will get them out of their cages, as long as we have your permission.
  • With reptile visits, we are happy to feed any live foods, from crickets to super worms.
  • We are happy to come into your house to turn on/turn off any lights and heat mats should you not have them on a timer.
  • We are also able to administer any medication as long as we have written permission from you.

We offer a courtesy text message or email service to let you know how your pets are whilst you are away. We will also send pictures of your pets if requested

Vet visits:

  • We are able to take your animal to their routinely vet visits, and pick them up when need be.

For our price list, please visit our price list page here.